Lesson/Unit Plans

Consumerism Unit Plan:

This unit plan explores the essential question “Who Am I As A Consumer?” and was created for my pre-internship in a grade 5/6 classroom.

*** you’ll have to select “open in word online” in order for this link to open ***

Inquiry Based Unit Plan Outline (Arts Ed 5)

This is the link to a unit plan that I created in an effort to understand and implement the inquiry framework in the classroom.  This was an excellent first learning experience that helped me to become more familiar with how inquiry works!

Inquiry Based Unit Plan Outline (Grade 5)

I created a 5 lesson mini unit for ESCI 317 – this turned out to be my absolute favourite class!  This is the link to what I’ve started… this unit could be expanded upon in many ways.  This hits MC5.3 – perfect post lessons to follow those on matter and reversible/non-reversible changes!

Raw Materials and Manufactured Products Unit (Science 5)

Raw Materials & Manufactured Products Unit

Social Studies Year Plan (Grade 5)

See this link for the Social Studies Year plan that was created in relation to the Grade 5 Saskatchewan Curriculum.